Skin Medica

SkinMedica® products are scientifically formulated and clinically tested to rejuvenate skin and help rekindle your skin’s youthful appearance. Skin Medica is a great system that combines growth factors, antioxidants, retinoids, hyaluronic acid and other medical grade agents to give you the greatest clinical benefit in the shortest amount of time.
This system can be used along with laser treatments and chemical peels.



Obagi is a program that offers great results for someone who really wants to change their skin from the inside out. It requires a commitment of 18-22 weeks of redness, peeling, and other mild skin irritations in order to get the results needed. This is a great line for someone with lots of age spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, and dull complexions. They also have a great line of products for acne, puffy eyes, and the sun damaged chest area.



LATISSE the first treatment approved by FDA to grow fuller, longer lashes for people inadequate or not enough lashes. 
By prescription only. 
106% fuller 25% longer 18% darker (on over 135 patients) 


Glo Minerals offers a mineral makeup system uniquely designed for skincare professionals and their clients. Our award-winning formulations deliver unsurpassed coverage, UV and environmental protection and an exceptional spectrum of mineral pigments. Talc-free and non-comedogenic, glo minerals provides the ideal choice for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Exceptional coverage that lasts
  • Powerful antioxidant blend
  • Talc-free


Baby foot

 Rediscover your baby soft feet! 

Baby Foot has 17 Natural Extracts, is simple to use,effective, effortless, and after 5-7 days, the dead skin cells will start to peel off an the skin on your feet will be as fresh as a baby's foot.