Get the look of bold, dark lashes and brows without having to apply makeup daily. Eyelash and eyebrow dyeing is a safe procedure that means you can roll out of bed looking your best. If you live in Salem, Virginia, or the Roanoke Valley area, call Allura MD Laser Aesthetics to have this procedure done by their skilled estheticians. Alternatively, make an appointment using the online booking agent.

Eyebrow & Lash Dye Q & A


Is it Safe to Dye My Eyebrows and Lashes?

It’s perfectly safe to dye the hair in these areas when performed by a reputed provider, such as Allura MD Laser Aesthetics. Of course, the staff at Allura MD Laser Aesthetics will only do so after ensuring you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients in the product. Remove contact lenses before the procedure.


What Kind of Dye is Used to Tint the Eyebrows and Lashes?

Regular hair dye is far too harsh for these delicate areas. Instead, Allura MD Laser Aesthetics uses a vegetable-based, semi or demi-permanent stain on the lashes and brows. The procedure should not cause any stinging or discomfort.


Who is a Good Candidate to Have Their Eyebrows and Lashes Dyed?

If you’re bothered by light eyelashes or sparse brows, this procedure is for you. You appear as if you have on mascara and have “done” your brows all the time, not just after applying your makeup.


How is the Right Color of Dye Determined?

The staff at Allura MD Laser Aesthetics looks at your eye color, hair color, complexion, and the color of your roots when considering the right shade for your brows and lashes. You want the look to be dramatic, but not unnatural or harsh.


What Should I Expect to Experience During an Eyelash Dyeing Session?

The technicians at Allura MD Laser Aesthetics place a protective eye patch under your bottom lash line and brushes your bottom lashes with the dye as you look up. For your upper lashes, you close your eyes as the dye is applied. The technician leaves it on for about 10 minutes before wiping it away and revealing the results.


What Kind of Results Should I Expect?

You may still have to brush your eyebrows to bring the hairs in alignment, but you won’t have to apply a pencil or cream for coloring. The eyebrows will also appear completely symmetrical – something hard to achieve with makeup. Dyed eyelashes appear as if you are wearing mascara, but without the possible clumping of the makeup. The eyelashes look separated and natural.



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