The most sophisticated RF Microneedling experience.  The VirtueRF Microneedling Platform is the most advanced RF microneedling device available today.  The combination of radio-frequency and microneedling has become a proven, non-invasive option to visibly improve skin tone, tighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

VirtueRF Q & A


How does RF Microneedling work?

Microneedling works by applying sterile microneedles deep into the dermis of the skin.  These needles 1) create microscopic channels that stimulate the natural production of collagen and 2) deliver radio-frequency heat energy at the desired depths to promote remodeling of collagen and elastin that tightens and lifts the skin.

What makes VirtueRF a virtually pain-free treatment?

VirtueRF microneedles are driven into the skin using the exclusive robotic precision delivery (RPD) system.  The insertion is so exact that it creates no tearing or trauma to the skin (unlike microneedling pens or other RF microneedling systems that can scratch the skin causing pain, blood and sebum in the channels, and mixed outcomes).  Your provider may apply numbing cream prior to the treatment for added comfort depending on the area of concern.

How long does a VirtueRF treatment take?

The length of a treatment depends on the area being treated and the protocol being followed.  Typically, a full-face treatment will take 20 minutes.

What can you expect after a treatment?

One of the key benefits of a VirtueRF treatment is that there is no social downtime.  The skin may appear red for a few hours, but the exclusive post care regimen works to soothe the skin so most will only notice a post-treatment tightening and glow to their skin.  Your provider may recommend no make-up for 24h hours and of course, it’s always important to use sun protection.

When can you expect to see results?

A benefit of RF Microneedling is that the collagen you build is your own so results are natural, immediate and will continue to improve with time.  It can take up to 4-6 weeks until the full benefits are apparent.

Who is the right candidate for the VirtueRF?

VirtueRF is a truly ageless procedure.  It is used as a preventative and a corrective treatment for patients with light to dark skin types.  It is important to talk to your provider about any concerns you might have before your VirtueRF treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Most providers will recommend a series of three to four treatments, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.  To maintain results, a treatment every six months is recommended.

What does it mean to be a “platform” RF microneedling system?

Unique to the VirtueRF system is that it has the capacity for multiple handpieces increasing the number of areas, depths, and concerns that can be addressed in one treatment session.

Only VirtueRF pairs every treatment with the most innovative sheet mask technology available.

The Microcurrent Dual Face Mask

The unique dual-mask system immediately soothes the skin to eliminate redness and optimize post-treatment healing.

First, a wet mask rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties is placed on the skin.  A second dry mask, woven with scientifically proven and patented Tissue X technology, generates a microcurrent without the use of a separate device, electricity or metals.  The microcurrent drives the wet mask’s skin soothing and revitalizing ingredients-sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera extract and caffeine-deeper into the skin.



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Collagen P.I.N. is a Percutaneous Induction Therapeutic Micro-Needling Device that opens up a whole new horizon to skin treatments. It scientifically delivers the “flawless” results that were previously only attained from painful laser treatments or extensive surgery in many cases. Collagen P.I.N. is the next step in the scientific evolution of aesthetics. This evolutionary device has three times more needles than any other device on the market and works both cordless and corded. Now you can have BOTH!! Patients and aestheticians alike are raving about the new “flawless” needle all over the world!

Collagen P.I.N. has several advantages over previous generations of anti-aging tools, like lasers and dermal needle rollers, and offers a NO DOWNTIME ® Forever Warranty and and huge cost savings. This device truly offers the best ROI in the aesthetic market!

Plastic Surgeons, dermatologists and other aesthetic providers choose Collagen P.I.N. for the following reasons:

Safety First! Collagen P.I.N. is inherently safer than dermal rollers, utilizing sterile single-use surgical grade disposable needle tips. The P.I.N. Safety Micro-needle Cartridge ensures that Collagen P.I.N. delivers greater efficacy, efficiency and superior clinical results while maintaining the highest level of safety for both patient and especially for the provider. It is safe for ALL skin types which means this procedure can benefit anyone!

Faster Truly is Better! Collagen P.I.N.’s powerful motor means quick penetration by the needles. This creates a more comfortable experience that patients describe as a vibrating tickle. Due to the power of the motor and a “Flawless” 36 pin needle, practitioners all claim they finish treatments in less than HALF the time vs. other devices.

Customized Treatment for Each Patient! Each patient’s skin is different and has unique needs for its betterment. Because of the adjustable depth capabilities, Collagen P.I.N. providers can customize your treatment to your individual needs.

Microneedling Q & A


What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a method of creating a controlled, superficial injury which induces healing that strengthens your skin and improves your appearance. Healing includes the production and release of additional growth factors, new collagen, and elastin. These compounds provide your skin with a rejuvenated, more youthful texture and tone so you look brighter and fresher.


What Happens During Microneedling?

The staff at Allura MD Laser Aesthetics runs a tool with super tiny needles over your face to penetrate the superficial layer of your skin. The minor injuries created by the needles stimulate your skin to increase collagen production, treating these tiny, microscopic wounds, in the way it would a large wound. The result is thicker, healthier skin with improved texture. During the procedure, the staff also applies a growth factor serum to help with healing.


Why Should I Consider Microneedling?

Microneedling causes much less damage to the epidermis than dermal rolling, lasers, or other ablative treatment. It produces clinical improvement of skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, wrinkles, surgical scars, dyschromia, melasma, and enlarged pores.


Does Microneedling Hurt?

The staff at Allura MD Laser Aesthetics applies a topical numbing cream prior to the microneedling procedure. This relieves any discomfort and allows the staff to go as deep as necessary during the therapy without causing you discomfort. Following a microneedling session, you may have a little pinkness to your complexion and possibly a few tiny scabs that fade within a day or two.


How Should I Care for My Skin After Microneedling?

Right after your session, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing makeup. You’ll also want to avoid aggressive skin-care treatments, such as retinol, for several days following. The staff provides you with a thorough aftercare treatment guide to answer any other questions you may have.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You may choose to have microneedling treatments two to four times per year if your skin is generally healthy and well cared for. If you have acne scarring or other complexion issues you hope to resolve through microneedling, you may opt for more frequent sessions. Consult with the experts at Allura MD Laser Aesthetics for guidance.



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